Marijuana Decriminalization

One of the things that you have to understand about marijuana is that often times the punishment is far greater than the offense. For instance, if someone is caught with some marijuana, the police are within their rights to arrest the individual and/or press charges. In addition, you can often find dealers getting even harsher sentences. And while we can understand the reasoning behind marijuana remaining illegal, it is difficult to understand why you would have such harsh penalties for something that is fairly harmless, even when compared to legal substances such as alcohol.

That is why many organizations around the United States have been working hard to get marijuana policies passed. And the goal of all these policies is to get us to a point where we are not relying on insane arrests connected to marijuana. Yes, if someone is selling hard drugs, it is understandable why they are going to get punished. They are doing something that can endanger people’s lives, and they are messing with substances that have very serious consequences. However, marijuana does not fit on that category. In fact, it is totally different from a lot of the drugs that people are busted for selling or possessing.

For instance, it is disingenuous for us to compare marijuana to heroine, cocaine or some other substances. Those drugs have very serious side effects, whether you are taking them a few times or you become addicted. And yes, no one is saying that people should be smoking pot every day or something of the sort. However, you have to take into consideration the fact that marijuana does not have a bad impact on the body, whether you are taking it a few times or whether you are a more regular user. So why the harsh sentences? Why the insane punishments?

When we are in a country where the incarceration rate is already so high, it makes sense to try and get some of the punishments for offenses such as possessing or selling marijuana lowered. And that is what the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy was all about in Massachusetts. As you can see here,, the committee had some lofty goals. And even though it took them a long time to see the results that they wanted, there is no doubt that they managed to do some wonderful work. It is a showcase to how working hard toward a goal can have serious results.

The thing that we need to understand with respect to marijuana policy is that you are never going to get to a point where everyone is happy. Yes, some will feel as though there should be a harsher punishment. And some are going to want to get to a point where it is legal in every state. And it is unclear whether everyone can be made happy with respect to such legislation. However, a happy medium seems like a good place to start. Even though it is not legal and you can face some charges if you are selling massive quantities, you are not going to get punished for possessing marijuana.