Don’t know about you, but we think this rich celebrity is really quite nice

Those who don’t know this lady at this stage can read more in their own time. They can go to informative guides like and pick up all the information on this famous lady and many others who are described as celebrities. You can read about the famous men too. Just note that just because they are all characterized as celebrities does not mean that they are all famous show-boating actors and rock stars. They are plain old ordinary folks just like you and us. That’s why we like this lady.

Before you go on to do your own reading, let us give you a brief introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Sarah Palin. We relate well to her because she is a loving mother, and now a grandmother too, just like many of you out there. She doesn’t have just one or two kids like most of us, she has five kids. That’s quite phenomenal for a politician these days. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen; Sarah Palin’s celebrity status is mainly due to her record as a politician. She served for a few years as Alaska’s governor before going on to greater heights.

This is when she really became famous because, back then, only Alaskans would have heard of her. Alaska is not as well known as some of America’s other states, and yet it is that country’s largest state. So large, it could just as well be a country all on its own. Its immediate neighbors are Canada, and Russia, would you believe. Now, when Sarah Palin was on the campaign trail to become the country’s vice president, she sometimes made a right royal fool of herself. Pretentious journalists asked probing questions on foreign affairs.

Most of the time, she was dumbstruck, not knowing where some of the world’s countries were on the map. But we can relate to that, can’t we. We cannot always claim to know everything about the world when we’ve got so much to do at home. Sarah Palin had her hands full when she was governor of Alaska. For goodness’s sake, being governor of America’s largest state cannot be a mean feat. And let’s not forget that she still had to go home at night to cook and care for the kids. This is something she insisted on doing.

She wanted to take care of her own family, if you please. One informational source says that today she is worth a cool twelve million dollars. Today, that, of course, does not pitch her among the country’s highest earners. In fact, some of today’s middle income earners are raising their living and earning standards, so much so, that they are now becoming self-worth millionaires too. Like Sarah Palin, they are all hard workers too. It takes hard work to make something of yourself, and when that happens, the rewards are deserved and should be enjoyed.